0005 | Meeting with Saks

It was late March, when the email was forwarded to me that Hanifa had been selected present to buyers at Saks. I remember crying by myself, calling my my mom and crying and then calling my best friends and crying, and then cried some more .(A little disclaimer, I cry about everything lol). The meeting was to be held at the corporate office in NY, (*Screams* I know crazy.) We had about 3 weeks to prepare. I probably read over a million articles regarding buyer meetings and what to expect. My team and I were more than ready.

 Fast forward to the BIG DAY, Britt and I got stuck in the hotel elevator !!!!!!!!!!We got there a little late, thank God they were pretty cool and understanding. We then picked our time slot and went back later that afternoon. In my mind, I was more than confident that they would buy my collection. I remember the looks on everyone faces when I pulled out MARA. There were other designers in there as well, waiting to be seen. I just remember how much our collection stood out amongst the others. It was finally our turn and it happened so fast. They loved the collection but didn't like my color combination. She went as far as to say they haven't seen anything like it all day. Also, that my collection can be a little more developed.

I'm not going to lie to you guys, I was crushed. I was only allowed to bring in one other person, so Irene waited for us outside. When we broke the news to her, her reaction and words were so uplifting. She was actually excited lol. It really encouraged me. I began to think about the hard work, the sleepless nights, the preparation and so many other things. I then understood why the Lord allowed me to experience that meeting, He knew it wouldn't be the last. I will get there eventually. Ever since that day , I've been working my butt off. This year has been, by far, the best year Hanifa has ever had. It's amazing. I have a totally different outlook on life when things don't necessarily go the way that I want them to. I just continue to trust the Lord and do my part have faith and get it done. I hope this post encourage someone out there. Nothing worth having will be smooth sailing. There will always be obstacles on the way. It's all part of God's plan and your big testimony. 


Love, Anifa.  

This is only the photo we have of that week 🙄

This is only the photo we have of that week 🙄